The 40 acre property near Canberra is dedicated  to training horses and riders as well as breeding young horses with the potential for Grand Prix dressage.

Callum Park near Canberra is the home of Grand Prix dressage rider, coach and trainer Susan Elekessy and her husband Russell Jarrett, himself a very experienced and successful breaker, trainer and competitor.

Susan Elekessy and Starbucks

The 40 acre property near Canberra is dedicated  to training horses and riders as well as breeding young horses with the potential for Grand Prix dressage. Focus is placed especially on temperament, trainability, conformation and ability. We focus on giving the horses we breed and take on for training the time to progress confidently and successfully.

Susan is a successful Grand Prix level trainer and competitor as well as a successful young horse producer. She has produced many successful horses to FEI level from scratch many times, from the hottest off the track thoroughbred (to top ten National Grand Prix level) to a giant 18.2  hand warmblood (to National FEI level) and many different types of horses in between. She learnt her trade in Australia with some of our best coaches before travelling to Europe to ride and train to further develop her skills and experience. Susan is regarded as being a highly effective, thorough and correct dressage coach. She has a very good eye for training at home and at competitions, and has been used as 'eyes on the ground' by Australian Olympic representatives at International shows at small and big tour level, as well as World Young Horse Championship representative riders.

Susan Elekessy and Don Rubin

Although Susan has experience with coaching at the highest levels, she particularly enjoys bringing on enthusiastic riders at any level and has helped realise goals for many riders in many different disciplines. Familiar with many different techniques and types of horse, from the hottest thoroughbred to the more laid back warmblood types, Susan can help riders train horses from the start right through to Grand Prix level.

Passionate about their breeding program, Callum Park have focused on producing quality not quantity, and on producing horses that not only have the ability required at the top levels but also the temperament to ensure their success. Not interested in following the latest trends, Callum Park have invested a huge amount of time in learning from some of the best breeders in the world and are delighted that they've bred several finalists and championship winners at National and State levels, and significantly, horses that are climbing through the levels effortlessly and with much success.

Russell was born into the horsey Jarrett family on their 3,000 acre farm near Wagga and has been riding since before he could walk. He's been a successful racehorse trainer (before being converted to dressage by his wife!), and draws from over 35 years experience with horses. From arabian ponies to the largest warmbloods, Russ 'gets them' and always ensures all the horses get the time they need to develop properly, comfortably and without stress. A master at long reining, and with many different training techniques at his disposal, Russ produces happy, confident and successful horses and regularly receives 70% scores himself in the dressage arena.
Russ is also responsible for producing Jarrett Aluminium Arena Mirrors, the most useful tool a trainer can have everyday.