Stepping Up to the Next Level with Cell-Perform!

Many of you know that we have been using the Kohnke's Own range for a while now with excellent results in our horse's general appearance and most importantly, their health and performance. Look how shiny and glowing Starbucks is, not to mention Toby's Freestyle winning performance at Sydney CDI 2015! Here's a bit of info on their latest excellent product Cell Perform, and why we choose them to support our team.

Toby won at Sydney CDI this year as soon as we put him on it so I'm highly recommending it!!

Our Kohnke’s Own Sponsored Rider, Susan Elekessy, describes her success with Cell-Perform: 
“As a professional coach, trainer and competitor of successful National level young horses through to Grand Prix dressage, I use and recommend Kohnke’s Own products because they are high quality, economical, rigorously tested and researched, and most importantly, effective. Great nutrition is not just important for elite equine athletes, I believe that many horses involved in all levels of Equestrian sport can benefit from a comprehensive vitamin and trace-mineral supplement to make up dietary shortfalls in order to remain healthy in the short and long term.”

"I choose to use Cell Perform because I know that the ingredients have been carefully formulated by Dr. John Kohnke, a trustworthy and expert equine veterinarian and specialist in equine nutrition for over 40 years. Since starting with Cell-Perform, I’ve noticed that the horses feel more robust, with sustained energy and their general well-being and vitality is excellent. Their top-line has never been better and many people have commented that their coat condition is exceptional! I use many Kohnke’s Own supplements, and in general, all our horses are on Cell-Grow when they are young, Cell-Vital when they begin their ridden careers and now Cell Perform when they get to the level where peak performance is demanded. I’ve been recommending Cell-Perform to all my clients, students and friends because I’ve had great success with this new supplement."