Callum Park Shines at Willinga Park


Callum Park has had a triumphant start to the 2019 season, taking home a clean sweep of CDN classes at Australia’s first ever CDI4*, held at Terry Snow’s stunning Willinga Park on the NSW South Coast.

‘First born’ son, Don Rubin [Don Frederick (Don Frederico) x Callum Park Regardless (Regardez Moi/ TB)] stepped it up a notch and showed his consistency and style, having the show of his life.

“Toby did us proud – he started by winning the Inter II convincingly with 68.8 per cent, scoring more than 70 per cent from one judge, and his work consolidated from there”, said Susan Elekessy.

“The hard work we’ve put in over the past 12 months is really starting to show dividends. You just can’t ask for any better, winning the Inter II CDN, Grand Prix CDN and Grand Prix CDN Freestyle over both weekends”, she said.

After a year out of work following a freak injury, it was great to see 7yo Callum Park Grenadine (Grande/Hill Hawke x Callum Park Regardless) back in the competition arena, stepping up for her first start at Prix St Georges and placing well in the Advanced tests.

“I’m so happy to have Scarlett back out there”, said Susan. “It was touch and go for a while and we didn’t know whether I’d be able to get back on board. I’m really enjoying the ride on this talented young mare and I’m looking forward to see where we can go together.”

The future also continues to be bright for the rest of the Callum Park stables. Callum Park St Tropez [Callum Park Starbucks (Sarkozy/Feiner Stern) x Volcanic Prince TB mare] scored 72 per cent in her 5yo young horse tests and performed well in her very first go at Medium.

“Sassy is such a sweet, trainable young mare. She only learnt her flying changes a month ago but she’s showing so much promise. I just wanted to get her out there and show her off”, Susan said.

“It was a real thrill seeing her compete against her father, Callum Park Starbucks in the Medium tests too. Bucky is looking amazing and is giving so much joy to his new owner, Karen Miller and rider, Robert Schmerglatt”, she said. “It’s always hard to sell them. That’s why we take our time, making sure they go to the best possible homes where they can excel and be loved.”

Jane Bruce’s CP Dresden [Damsay (Dressage Royal/Donnerhall/Rubenstein) x Callum Park Regardless] and Brooke Mance’s Callum Park Freya [Faslterbo (Fidermark/Brentano II) x Volcanic Prince TB mare] also shone over the two weekends.

“Dresden had a fantastic show, culminating in a brilliant 71.6 per cent in the final event – the Grand Prix CDI4* Freestyle.

“And it’s wonderful to see Brooke’s new partnership with Freya unfold. Freya has never looked better or stronger in her work. It’s such a rewarding picture for a breeder to see”, said Susan

“All of these horses were successful as young horses, and they’ve been trained through to the higher levels seamlessly.

“At Callum Park we breed for quality and temperament. We want all our horses to go well for their riders – whether they’re professionals, young riders or amateurs – and for their owners to really enjoy the ride.

“The willingness to please in these horses is unmatched and that’s really starting to show in and out of the competition arena”, Susan said.   

And it’s not just Callum Park’s homebred horses that put their best hooves forward at Willinga Park.

“When good friend, Hannah Dodd had to put her best friend, Grand Sam, on the market, we jumped at the opportunity to help her out”, said Susan.

“Sam really is a once in a lifetime horse, and Hannah did such an amazing job training him through the levels. We were so thrilled to find him the perfect home with young rider, Will David.

“You simply won’t find another young rider like Will. He didn’t just come to Willinga Park to ride, he came to learn from the very best in Australia. And his marks are a testament to this, scoring over 65 per cent in the CDI-J Freestyle.” Susan Said.

Callum Park has a selection of exceptional quality young stock coming up for sale. Please get in touch to see if we have something to fit the bill for you.

Susan Elekessy – 0402 073 373